TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development, but that doesn’t stop the performance division from developing parts for Lexus products, too. One of those Lexus products it just released a set of performance parts for is the LC 500. The two-door coupe is our favorite Lexus for sale right now because of its excellent driving dynamics and stunning looks, so adding more performance is a good thing, right?

We’ll stop short of saying it’s a great thing for appearances in this particular instance. The parts shown here tend to muss up and clutter the LC’s otherwise gorgeous design. That large rear wing, aero cowling above the rear seats and aero mirror cover all notch the aggressiveness up a level, but it makes the styling look a bit messier in photos.

TRD does claim real performance gains from the parts, though. The modified side skirts reduce the amount of wind flowing to the rear tires, which makes the car slipperier through the air — TRD also claims a benefit in fuel economy and reduced wind noise. There are three new wheel designs, all offering a reduction in weight over the stock wheels and an improvement in rigidity. The wheels pictured on the car are the Lunanium Gun Metallic option. TRD says the giant aero cowl reduces wind noise in the cabin for the LC Convertible, and the big rear wing improves vehicle stability.

Other available parts include a front spoiler (adds downforce, lowers front clearance by 30 mm), rear diffuser (adds moderate downforce, says TRD), smaller rear spoiler (improves stability at speed), and a “performance damper.” Details are short on this damper, but we can assume it’s slightly stiffer than stock and could offer a noticeable handling improvement.

There’s a 3-D mini configurator you can play around with on TRD’s site, too. You can only choose between the exterior color, interior color and aero cowl cover, but it’s worth it to see what the mods might look like on your particular LC. Interestingly, the aero cowl sitting above the rear seats can be had in either black or white. Availability of the parts in the U.S. is still unclear, but we’re reaching out to TRD and will update with any news we might hear.

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