Tonight, Ford unveiled the newest member of its Mustang family, the all-electric Mustang Mach-E. In addition to being an EV, it’s also being touted for its performance cred, which is mandatory for something wearing the pony badge. You can read all about the car here, and revisit the livestream of the event.

Even better, Autoblog‘s own Joel Stocksdale was present for the big show, and he even got to take a ride in a Mach-E. He was kind enough to grab some video of the experience, which you can see here: 

We can’t say the rest of us here aren’t jealous. Joel reports that it definitely feels fast. It’s got that familiar EV feel, and the vehicle you see here had a “high end” vibe. Not surprisingly for a sporty all-electric bearing the Mustang name, Joel says the sense from the cabin is that it has “lots of power, limited body roll and instant response.”

We cant wait until we actually get to hop into that driver’s seat and mash that accelerator ourselves.

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