We are on the ground at the 2019 Woodward Dream Cruise. If you’ve attended before, you know the drill. Cars of all origins and ages will be running up and down Woodward Avenue until the police say it’s time to go home. This year looks like any other from the side of the road, but it also happens to be the event’s 25th anniversary. It grows every single year, with predictions for this Saturday placing crowds around the 1.5 million mark. Tens of thousands of cars will take to the road today, a glorious sight for any automotive enthusiast.

Our eyes caught everything from Ford Model Ts to brand new 2020 Chevy Corvettes running around. Ford Bronco fever is in full effect, and folks are bringing those out in force as the new Bronco lurks in the background waiting for its big reveal. Your requisite weird stuff is accounted for, as well — we already caught a car-sized shopping cart driving around. We even caught a few dogs joining in on the fun, both in cars and watching from the sidelines.

Check out our mega gallery above for a taste of the action. We’ll be uploading more photos as we take them throughout the day.

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