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The Grand Tour countdown by the numbers

The Grand Tour will premiere on Friday, November 18th on Amazon Prime and with only four days to go, the show put out some more numbers behind what it took to make the first season. Unlike the previous video that was released at the two-week mark, the figures portrayed in this clip are more reasonable.

Yesterday’s 15-second clip titled “5 Days to Go” states hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May had 549 constructive debates, visited 44 countries, and partook in seven romantic meals. We’re sure there were many, many debates, but don’t believe that all of them were constructive.

The Grand Tour also put out clips with more numbers behind the show at the six-day and one-week mark. So far, here are all the figures behind the first season of the Amazon Prime series:

  • 59 drag races (all lost by May)
  • 42 handbrake turns
  • 1 broken arm
  • 92 off-roading cars
  • 72 tires changed
  • 9 camel rides
  • 1,474,546,320 miles driven (according to Clarkson)
  • 14,951 cups of coffee
  • 27 destroyed cars
  • 549 constructive debates
  • 44 countries visited
  • 7 romantic meals

With the first season of The Grand Tour set to air at the end of this week, we’re sure Amazon will continue to count down the days until the series’ premiere with a couple more videos providing us with even more insight on the show.

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