Winter is not over yet, and neither are the dangers of driving in winter weather. According to reports, a 131-car pileup in Wisconsin cause one death and dozens of injuries Sunday. Photos, videos, and just-released 911 calls now paint a scene of chaos and panic.

The accident occurred on Interstate 41 in Winnebago County, Wisconsin, roughly in between Green Bay and Milwaukee on the east side of the state. The crash occurred during a snowstorm, which caused reported near whiteout conditions. The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office released this video showing how quickly the storm was moving:

Police say they received more than 700 911 calls from the scene of the accident and that at least 70 people were hospitalized from injuries during the crash. Some of the 911 calls were released to the public.

“It’s like the snow blowing right across the highway and everybody is like — it’s a pileup now,” a woman involved in the accident said. “… Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God … Everybody is just crashing into us because we’re like stopped on the side. … My car’s just shaking, I don’t feel safe in the car — what do we do? Oh My God. Help us please.”

It reportedly took about two hours just to stabilize the scene and get people out of the area after the morning accident. Authorities were forced to reroute hundreds of vehicles that were stuck behind the crash, and the highway was reportedly not reopened until 3 a.m. For more information, recounts, and photos, check out the full report on CNN.

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