Next-generation Audi Q3 gets the corporate makeover

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Next-generation Audi Q3 gets the corporate makeover

One thing Audi has been known for over the last few years is maintaining a consistent design language across all of its cars to ensure they all look alike. That design language has changed noticeably with the new Audi A8, and, as we’ve seen from spy photos of other Audis, that look will trickle down throughout the lineup to maintain continuity. It will even reach the next generation Audi Q3, which we’ve seen for the first time in the above photos.

The front fascia of this Q3 features the same kind of hexagonal grille as the A8. It comes close to meeting up with the headlights, each of which have an edge leaning inward at the same angle of the grille. Not all of its facial features are from the A8, though. The large intakes on either side of the main grille look more inspired by the Q8 Sport concept.

The rest of the Q3 is similarly and subtly evolutionary. The biggest change we see is to the car’s back half. The rear quarter window seems to be smaller or non-existent, creating a notably different C/D pillar design. The hatchback also appears to have more rake to it, and the rear spoiler is longer and more prominent.

Although the Q3 debuted in the United States for 2015 and was updated a year later, it actually dates back to 2012 in other markets, making it one of the oldest vehicles in the Audi line-up. As such, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a debut sometime next spring or summer for the 2019 model year.

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