Dashcam footage from a truck captured harrowing footage of a motorcyclist in Montreal who went flying over a freeway offramp railing after crashing into it. The driver sustained serious but non life-threatening injuries and was transported to the hospital.

Police told CTV News the man was riding the bike without a license of registration and that speed may have been a factor.

The accident happened Wednesday on the offramp to southbound Highway 15 from westbound Highway 40 in Montreal. Video footage shows a yellow sport bike entering the frame from the left of two lanes. Instead, he veers across lanes and strikes the guard rail, his body popping up and over the railing.

Rob Nugent, who was driving the truck that captured the footage, stopped and got out. He is shown flagging down a police officer for help. “If I didn’t stop, I knew that guy was probably not going to get found, at least right away,” he told CTV.

Fortunately for the driver, the drop to the ground from the offramp appears to be a short one. Like many places, Montreal is seeing many reports of motorists speeding on roads that are seeing less traffic than usual.

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