Of all the McLaren F1s out there (106 of them, including racecars and other variants), this 1994 F1 in LM-Specification is about as special as they get. Incredibly, it’s going up for auction in Monterey at the RM Sotheby’s auction house during Monterey Car Week. Why a McLaren F1 owner would ever want to sell their car is beyond us, but we’re sure the millions of dollars on the other side of the gavel look pretty alright.

This F1 happens to be one of two in existence in LM-Specification. In case you weren’t familiar with the model, McLaren upgraded two standard F1 road cars to this particular specification at the factory after the production run had finished. That means the engine was upgraded to the unrestricted 680-horsepower GTR spec. An extra-high downforce kit was also added, consisting of a huge rear wing, revised nose and different front fender vents. Other differences between this and a normal F1 include race-spec dampers and springs adjusted to their softest settings, 17-inch wheels, a transmission cooler, two more radiators and a modified exhaust system.

What it doesn’t have is the barren interior from the hardcore LM. Instead, McLaren gave it an upgraded air conditioning system, radio, new headlights and a different steering wheel. That means you have the more aggressive performance with a slightly more comfortable living space, a combination we like. McLaren says it made all these changes over two rounds of modifications in 2000 and 2001. The car was also repainted from its original blue to the silver you see now in that timeframe. 

This particular F1 has 13,352 miles on the odometer, and it has been given a full written history and evaluation by MSO. There is no estimated value on the F1, but we’re sure it’s going to nab many millions of dollars. To whoever ends up purchasing this fine McLaren, we envy you greatly.

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