Here are our favorite car drying towels

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Here are our favorite car drying towels

Looking for the best towel to dry your car after a wash? There are an unending amount of options online. We’ll narrow the field with our favorites.

Meguiar’s X2000 Water Magnet – $11.06
A tried and true standby. Meguiar’s is revered by detailers everywhere.

Zwipes Auto Waffle Weave – $11.33
Comes in a 2-pack. The waffle weave design expands to absorb more water.

CarCarez Premium Microfiber Towels – $16.69
These come in a 6-pack and use premium 450 gsm microfiber making them super soft.

iTavah Car Detailing Towels – $16.49
Made with 840gsm microfiber, these towels are super absorbant and ultra thick.

AMMO Drive + Protect MF Towels – $15.00
A 6-pack of 14″ x 24″ towels. Made with 325+ gsm microfiber.

For tips on how to use different types of towels while detailing your car, check out our series Autoblog Details. What towels do you use to wipe down your ride after a wash?

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