Ford Focus reveal is a week away, judging by this video

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Ford Focus reveal is a week away, judging by this video

For the past few months, we have seen brightly camouflaged Ford Focus test mules. The light disguise has shown us that the car has been reaching readiness for quite a while now, and the official release date is now just a week away. This short teaser video released by Ford Europe’s YouTube channel gives us a look at the details of the upcoming new-generation Focus.

The details on the video car match the blue car caught at a video shoot in mid-February in Portugal, down to the wheels. Maybe it’s the blue, maybe it’s something about the rear, but the Focus design seems to have taken a couple of steps in the direction of the Subaru Impreza hatchback. The size will be somewhat similar to the outgoing car, but the rear legroom is expected to grow.

The original first-generation Focus debuted 20 years ago, and the car arrived in the U.S. market in late 1999. Later iterations have kept the formula largely similar, but the new, fourth-generation car has to accomplish quite a few things: the quality, especially in the interior, is reportedly moving upmarket, while production of cars sold in the U.S. is moving to China to save Ford some factory tooling costs. In addition to a four-door sedan version, which has also been spotted testing, U.S. customers can probably expect a full-electric version of the new car thanks to a new platform that makes it easier for Ford to produce EVs.

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