BMW Active: You too (and your dog) can look like these people!

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BMW Active: You too (and your dog) can look like these people!

When car manufacturers begin offering merchandise and apparel related to their brands, the end results can be less than successful. Sometimes the products can be obscenely expensive, and other times they can be tacky. Ferrari often pulls off both of these attributes simultaneously, with brash Prancing Horse-branded products with stratospheric prices. But in the case of this new apparel line from BMW, the issue is more in the naming.

The new line is called BMW Active. On the surface, it sounds somewhat innocuous, but because BMW uses “Active” in names related to its cars like Active Hybrid, Active Tourer, Active kidney grille, Active Steering, Active Park Distance Control (etc. ad nauseum), adding it to unrelated products makes them all sound a bit ridiculous.

For instance, being added to that list is now the BMW Active Disc. Nope, it has nothing to do with a 3 Series braking system. It’s the name of a Frisbee. Then there’s such gems as the BMW Active Dog Bowl, BMW Active Cup and the BMW Active Hand Towel. Really, even without the car connection, it still sounds weird. Does the dog bowl move around or something? Is it only for active dogs, and not lazy ones? What about the hand towel? Does it have flexible fans inside to help assist with drying? Why is it active?!

We also can’t say BMW’s photos and their collection of models really entice us to join the Active lifestyles. So much man bun.

Naming aside, the products themselves aren’t actually too bad. The BMW branding is actually very subtle, and the colors are pleasant enough in light, neutral blues and greens. The company also incorporated the wild swirly patterns you see on prototype cars. It works surprisingly well, and is a nice subtle nod to the car industry. The pricing is tolerable, too. You pay a premium for the BMW name, but the products are still generally less than a lot of designer apparel. The $49 Active Dog Bowl is perhaps a different story.

You can see the whole collection, here.

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