Armormax builds bulletproof, AWD Dodge Hellcats

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Armormax builds bulletproof, AWD Dodge Hellcats

Earlier, we wrote about the Armormax armored Tesla Model S P100D, which International Armoring Corporation called the fastest armored car in the world. As the company also outfits cars such as Dodge Chargers, it’s only logical that the showcase car is a SRT Hellcat — but the interesting thing is that the company can also upgrade the Hellcat to all-wheel drive, as Armormax told Motor Authority. When ordering an armored Charger SRT Hellcat, the AWD implementation is just a matter of ticking the corresponding box.

The Armormax Charger SRT Hellcat seen here is also outfitted with police patrol car gear, complete with a push bar, run-flat tires, ballistic bulletproof glass and a mean matte black wrap. Even if the 6.2-liter, supercharged Hellcat powertrain probably has no problem hauling an armored bodyshell around, it’s likely that the company has used the same synthetic fiber laminate on the Charger as on the Tesla. The bulletproof Tesla’s weight gain was a negligible 11 percent, and while the Charger is a lighter car to begin with, avoiding using regular-issue ballistic steel seems to be the way to go if you want to keep the curb weight in check.

The Hellcat’s battery, radiator, fuel tank and ECU also get their share of protective covering, so that the vehicle is harder to disable. Paneling is available in ballistic protection levels ranging from B4 (can withstand a .30-caliber lead-core softpoint bullet) to B7 (can withstand a 9mm full-copper jacket). And while pricing isn’t announced, it is likely to depend on how much protection is applied on the Hellcat and whether all four wheels are powered. A stock one is priced at $65,345.

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