Alaska earthquake uproots road surrounding a car

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Alaska earthquake uproots road surrounding a car

A magnitude-7 earthquake hit the Anchorage, Alaska area hard Friday morning and actually caused the National Weather Service to issue a tsunami warning it later canceled. As the news came rolling in, we noticed these photos of a road affected by the quake. The pictures are jaw-dropping, and we still can’t believe that GMC Terrain is sitting there entirely unscathed.

It looks like a scene straight out of an action movie when Earth is unexplainably collapsing all around the main characters as they race for safety. It probably wouldn’t have mattered if the driver had the four-cylinder or V6 to try and escape the massive sinkhole. However, maybe Alaskans could consider the Lamborghini Urus to outrun collapsing roads if they’re in the market for an all-wheel-drive SUV.

Thankfully, there are no deaths or even injuries being reported as of now, but damage to buildings and roads is severe in some spots. We still can’t believe how lucky this person is. It looks like some industrious folks were even able to pull the GMC out of its sinkhole completely intact too. Impressive. We’ll keep you updated if there are any developments to this disaster.

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