8 million dimes spill in Nevada truck crash

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8 million dimes spill in Nevada truck crash

It’s a problem that comes up every time an armored truck spills cash on a highway, as one did just last week. People jump out of their cars to chase the fluttering money around, grab it up and disappear. How to deal with such larcenous human behavior? How about transporting the money in a form that’s not worth picking up? How about dimes? How about $800,000 worth of dimes?

Yes, this week’s money spill involves 8 million portraits of FDR, bursting forth from a truck that ran into a guardrail on I-15 about 50 miles outside of Las Vegas. The accident happened around 3:30 a.m. Thursday and took until 10:30 to clean up. The dimes were in bags, of course, but some of the bags split open.

Why dimes? The truck was under contract with the U.S. Treasury Department. Strange that dimes were the only coins aboard, but can we then assume Treasury runs separate trucks for pennies, nickels, and quarters? With maybe pickup trucks for JFK 50-cent pieces and Sacagawea dollars?

The driver and a passenger were treated at a hospital for injuries and released. The driver was cited for the accident.

At it wasn’t a big puddle of chocolate or some slime eels.

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