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7 best car-related apps – Autoblog

When used correctly, your phone doesn’t have to be a driving distraction. Your smartphone is a powerful tool so why not put it to good use and let it maximize your driving experience? Here are 7 of our favorite apps that can be used to enhance your drives.

GasBuddy – this app helps you locate fuel stations with real-time pricing and reviews.

Waze – Waze allows drivers to share real-time traffic and road info with other commuters.

PlugShare – got an EV? This app locates the nearest charging station so you don’t run out of juice.

Automatic – the app is coupled with an OBD-II tool and costs $129.95. It checks your engine, tracks your vehicle, and includes crash alerts similar to Onstar.

Drivermatics blackbox dash cam – transforms your phone into a dash cam that captures video and displays route and speed. It allows you to review past video footage as well as maps of where an incident took place. You can also operate GPS, control your music, and make calls while operating the app.

Parkify – the app knows where you parked and can give you directions back to your car if you get lost.

Roadtrippers – going on a road trip? Plan it out and discover points of interest on the way with this app.

What car-related apps do you use?

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