5 best air compressors for your car

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5 best air compressors for your car

Flats happen. But don’t get depressed, get a portable air compressor. Here are 5 of our favorite portable air compressors to keep in the trunk in case of emergency.

Oasser air compressor – $89.99
Electric, portable, and rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 130 PSI and digital display.

EPAuto air compressor – $42.87
Plugs into a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket, and provides 100 PSI with a LED flashlight.

Helteko air compressor – $42.97
Sleek design with an LED light that plugs into your cigarette lighter providing 150 PSI.

AstroAI air compressor – $59.99
Produces 150 PSI and automatically stops inflating once it reaches the desired pressure.

Viair 88P – $65.95
Powered by the car’s battery and includes a 16 foot air hose and 120 PSI of pressure.

Tell us about your worst experience with a flat tire.

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